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Zoos and Nature in and near New Orleans

Roseate Spoonbill feeding on fish

Zoos can be a fun, educational and convenient way to see a large number of animals up close. While the animals are just on the other side of the glass or in an enclosure, they are often exhibiting non-typical behaviors in captivity. They may have limited range of movement, no longer hunt or scavenge for food, and are usually shielded from interacting with other animals. We’ll share links to a few zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and natural areas in and around New Orleans below.

As an ecotour company, we love thrilling our guests with real, natural encounters right outside of New Orleans. While you’re never guaranteed to see certain animals, trying to spot them in their natural habitat is quite exciting—and makes it so much more rewarding when they appear!

Our 2-hour swamp tour in the Maurepas Swamp is a fantastic experience for all ages. Just 45 minutes away from New Orleans Airport, Louisiana’s incredible nature and wildlife beckons. Board our purpose-built swamp tour boat and let our expert captain guide you through the cypress knees and waterways, looking out for alligators, turtles, egrets, owls, hornbills, deer, and even wild pigs. With a max of six passengers on-board we’re able to quietly glide through dense parts of the swamps, often unnoticed by the local wildlife, and you get plenty of chances to ask our naturalist guide any questions you may have about what you see and or this incredible ecosystem!

baby alligator on a log

Top 5 Zoos and Nature Tours in and near New Orleans

  1. Beyond the Bayou Swamp Tour (link)
  2. Barataria Preserve and Nature Trails outside New Orleans (link)
  3. Audubon Zoo on Magazine Street (link)
  4. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas on Canal Street (link)
  5. Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium on Canal Street (link)