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  • Private Tour
  • All Drinks Included!

French Quarter Cocktail Concierge

Your personal, private, all-drinks-included, cocktail tour.

Quick Details

  • Duration: 3 hours | Suggested 3 PM start time, but flexible.
  • Meeting Location: Your accommodations, if within the French Quarter; otherwise, will be determined.
  • Capacity: Minimum 2 guests; Maximum 10 guests
  • Included: A private, guided walking tour of French Quarter bars, including all drinks (4), with historical background about signature cocktails and the establishments that craft them.
  • Adults Only Tour: You must be an adult of legal drinking age (21+) to take this tour.
  • Private Tour: This tour will include your party only. There will be no outside guests.
  • Tour Price: $149 per guest
2-10 guests Per Guest

About Your French Quarter Cocktail Concierge

Sometimes it’s about a bar. Sometimes it’s about a bartender. Or a cocktail so fine that everything is right in your world. A history. A legend. A quirk. A destination not to be missed. Or one that will soon be worthy to be the same.

These are the bars and restaurants of the French Quarter. We have hand-picked a select few to share with you as an insider. Their histories, their libations and sometimes the personalities that make them tick.

​Let me please introduce myself: I’m your cocktail concierge.

Together, we will imbibe our way across the French Quarter, reveling in the drinks that this legendary cocktail town made famous.

Particularly when you consider this: The cocktail culture of New Orleans has a history and importance similar to jazz.

Block for block, street for street, bar for bar, bartender for bartender, drink by drink, we put it to you that there is no more important, or accessible, cocktail city in the world for blowing you away with the cocktail’s foundational history, and the simple yet profound pleasures of enjoying one, than New Orleans.

If you’d like to discover this miraculous confluence of yesteryear and libation for yourself, we invite you to stroll through the past with us and delight in the surprisingly tasty history of New Orleans drinks and the establishments that made them famous. On this French Quarter Cocktail Concierge tour, we’ll experience New Orleans’ classic cocktails, as well as revel in the present and indulge in original creations of our contemporary mixologists…all chased by a shot of straight-up New Orleans lore.


Why Choose our Cocktail Tour?

The French Quarter Cocktail Concierge is a private tour, just for you and your party. All of your drinks are included. Some of the bars we frequent are exclusive only to us. Your guide is a passionate aficionado of the craft, a former professional writer and photographer in the spirits industry and a veteran of leading tours for more than thirty years. His established relationships allow us admittance into respected New Orleans institutions.

About New Orleans Cocktail History

We will keep this short, but spirited…

Only city in the United States that has an official cocktail ratified by the state legislature: Check!

City that created the first cocktail to have citrus juice in it: Check!

The city that has contributed more popular drinks to the earth than any other city on the earth: Check!

The city that invented the cocktail: not so fast…

How To Dress

Dress nicely. Enough. Think business casual. Collared shirts. Jeans, if wearing, must not be torn (even fashionably!) and no flip flops, sneakers, t-shirts, cut-off shirts or tank tops. This is not to say that we will not be going to a dive. If it’s worthy of our attention, we may go there.

A Word About ‘Private’

Your French Quarter Cocktail Concierge is a private experience. This means, of course, that it is only you and your partner, BFF or krewe. But we also believe that ‘Private’ implies an elevated level of service from first sip to glorious finish. With that in mind, to book your cocktail concierge, you may do so online and we will then contact you directly to handle the details. Or, if you have any questions, please contact us in the manner of your choosing, all of which are available on our Contact page. Salud!

A Word About COVID-19

We will be entering establishments and we want to assure you that Beyond the Bayou takes the safety of our guests and tour partners seriously. After all, this is a private tour and y’all are already dialed in safely together. As such, your guide is fully vaccinated and all bars and restaurants in New Orleans adhere to COVID-19 safety regulations, including frequent hand washing practices and frequent disinfection of surfaces. Because, truly, the best garnish for our cocktails is the company we keep.