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Beyond the Bayou Swamp Tour

Cypress forests, alligators, exotic birds and more!

Quick Details

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Capacity: Minimum of 2 guests | Maximum of 6 guests
  • Included: Boat tour of Honey Island Swamp with an expert tour leader
  • Transportation: Transport available from New Orleans for $19 per person round trip. Select the add-on when booking online and you will have 2 choices of pickup (one at the bottom of the French Quarter and one at the top)
  • Where to meet and how to get there: When you get off the highway, head to the Old Pearl River Launch and meet your captain 15 minutes before your tour time. You’ll receive detailed directions after booking.
Person (Min: 2, Max: 6)
Private Tour (1-3 people) Special Offer
$399 $199
Private Tour (4-6 people) Special Offer
$399 $299

About the Beyond the Bayou Swamp Tour

Explore the Honey Island Swamp on our customized flat-bottom boat. Our small group size ensures that you get a chance to ask our local naturalist guide all the questions you want, and our quiet engine doesn’t scare wildlife away. Get deeper into the swamp than the other boat tours so you can learn more and see more!

Why Choose our Swamp Ecotour?

Our customized flatboat navigates through shallow waters, getting you deeper into the swamp than most tours can. See more quiet and isolated areas and spot more wildlife that hasn’t been driven off by other passing boats.

Our fuel-efficient motor is quiet, so we don’t scare off wildlife as the airboats do. Glide around wide river bends at 30 mph with the wind blowing through your hair, and look for gators and other creatures while you slowly creep through narrow passageways surrounded by cypress and willow trees draped with Spanish moss.

Comfortable padded seating and a maximum group size of six ensures that you can properly relax, avoid the crowds, and ask all the questions you want. We provide a truly educational tour that leaves you with a deeper understanding of what makes the ecosystems here so unique.

We are one of the only swamp tours in the area that doesn’t feed alligators. We are a true eco-tour, and we believe in respecting the environment and teaching guests about the threats that face this valuable wetland region.

The Pearl River is a protected wildlife area, and it’s famous for being the most biodiverse region in Louisiana. Keep your eyes peeled for gators, wild boar, great blue herons, osprey, owls, snakes, and turtles. Birdwatchers love this tour; there are tons of woodpeckers, raptors, and migratory songbirds that live out here.

Our tour takes you through hardwood forests, and swamps with towering cypress trees and Spanish moss. Learn about the wildlife, the pirates that smuggled treasure through here, the local lifestyle and culture, and even the legend of the Honey Island swamp monster.