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  • Fun Day Trip!
  • Transportation Included

Swamp Boat & Plantation Tour

Guided small-boat swamp tour in the morning and a visit to a historic plantation in the afternoon!

Quick Details

  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Capacity: Minimum of 2 guests | Call if less than 48 hours notice
  • Where to meet: Pick-up & drop-off available in New Orleans. If using our transportation services, guests must wear a facemask when inside the vehicle.
  • Self-driving option available
Person (Min: 2)

About the Swamp & Plantation Tour

Explore the Maurepas Swamp on our customized flat-bottom boat or pontoon boat. Our small group size of six ensures that you get a chance to ask our local naturalist captain all the questions you want. Our relatively small boats get you deeper into the swamp that you would with the large-boat operators and our efficient engines don’t scare the wildlife away. In fact, there are no other boat tours in the area where we go, which allows for a really special experience. Learn more and see more!

For lunch we visit one of our favorite local Cajun restaurants (note that lunch is not included in the tour price).

After lunch, we visit the Whitney Plantation, which aims to give visitors a realistic look at life in the pre-Civil War South. While the restored antebellum mansion is beautiful and grand, the walking tour tells the story of this part of American history through the eyes of the enslaved. It’s an educational and moving experience not to be missed.

What’s Included

  • Guided 2-hour tour of the Maurepas Swamp in a purpose-built boat.
  • 90-minute audio walking tour of Whitney Plantation (We hope they’ll resume guided tours when the risk of COVID-19 has subsided).
  • For the guided version of this tour:
    • A professional driver who provides attentive service and expert insights throughout the day.
    • Convenient personal pick-up, drop-off, and transportation between all activities.

What You’ll See and Do

Starting with an 8:15 a.m. pickup, this is a full day of activities. The times mentioned below are approximate and while we tend to start the day off with a swamp tour, there are times where we may choose to reverse the itinerary. Expect to be back in New Orleans between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Swamp Tour

The Maurepas Swamp is a biodiverse 110,000-acre federally protected wildlife management area. Keep your eyes peeled for gators, great blue herons, bald eagles, owls, deer, wild pigs, and turtles. Birdwatchers love this tour; there are tons of woodpeckers, fishing birds, and migratory songbirds that live out here. We are one of the few swamp tours in Louisiana that doesn’t feed alligators. 

Our tour takes you through hardwood forests and swamps with towering cypress trees and Spanish moss. Learn about the wildlife, and the local lifestyle and culture. 

Glide around wide river bends at 30 mph with the wind blowing through your hair, and look for gators and other creatures while you slowly creep through narrow passageways surrounded by cypress and willow trees draped with Spanish moss. Our customized boats navigate through shallow waters, getting you deeper into the swamp than most tours can. See more quiet and isolated areas and spot more wildlife that hasn’t been scared off by other passing boats.

Our flat-bottom boat is equipped with cypress floorboards and comfortable captain chairs that swivel 360 degrees, which is a huge upgrade from the uncomfortable sideways metal benches that the big boat companies use. The pontoon boat has fixed chairs, offers a higher vantage point, and is a smooth ride. Our maximum group size of six ensures that you can properly relax, avoid the crowds, and ask all the questions you want. We provide an authentic, educational tour that leaves you with a deeper understanding of what makes the ecosystems here so unique.

Approximate drive times: 60 minutes from New Orleans to the boat launch.

**Please note that in the event of unsafe or unavailable conditions in Maurepas Swamp, we will use an alternate location. When this is the case, we typically launch in Madisonville, which is just on the other side of Lake Maurepas. This alternative route explores the Tchefuncte River, where you will see Lake Pontchartrain, Recreational River, Marsh and Swamp.


Our driver typically takes you to B&C Seafood near Whitney Plantation, which offers amazing gumbo and specialties made with locally caught seafood. Snack on alligator bites, frog legs, or chow down on a soft-shell crab po’ boy. 

This down-home Cajun joint is owned by local entrepreneur Tommy Breaux. You can tell it’s the real deal because of all the local regulars. The prices are very reasonable, and the seafood is caught locally and processed on-site. There is no middleman – this is as fresh as it gets! Everything at B&C is homemade, even the bread.

Be sure to check out the gators and historic memorabilia on the walls and pictures from Tommy’s fishing and hunting expeditions. You can read their menu here

Since B&C Seafood is closed on Sundays, we tend to visit the restaurant at Oak Alley Plantation down the road. Read their menu here.

Approximate drive times: 30 minutes from the swamp tour

Plantation Tour

This stretch of the Mississippi River is known as the German Coast and is rich with history and culture. The area is home to many beautiful properties, including the Whitney Plantation. Originally founded in 1752, the Whitney Plantation opened as a museum in 2014, following 16 years and $8 million worth of renovations. It is the only museum in America dedicated to telling the story of the African slave trade and what life was like for the people who worked on these plantations. The grounds are gorgeous like most antebellum plantations, but it’s an important educational experience for anyone interested in the history of Louisiana and slavery in America. (*If you would prefer a different style of plantation tour we also offer visits to nearby Laura Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation.)

Approximate drive times: 5 minutes from lunch; 40 minutes return to New Orleans.

What Makes This An Ecotour?

We are one of the few swamp tours in Louisiana that doesn’t feed alligators. We are a 100% carbon neutral ecotour company, and we believe in respecting the environment and trying to mitigate the threats that face this valuable region of wetlands.

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