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About Us

Our Mission

It would be a shame to leave New Orleans without having the time of your life. We want to share the Louisiana that we love with you. No tour buses or giant tour boats here – we always cater to small groups with passionate local guides. 

Explore beautiful swamps by boat looking for alligators, birds and turtles; learn the history of New Orleans through its cocktails or visit a Zydeco musician in his studio! We offer unforgettable experiences, incredible food and plenty of chances to get to know the locals. 

If you want an authentic and off-the-beaten-path experience, you’ve found the right place. Louisiana deserves a tour like this, and so do you.

We Care About the Environment

The Louisiana coastline and wetlands are under constant threat. Erosion eats up nearly 30 square miles of land annually. Frequent oil spills leave long lasting effects on fish, wildlife and local families and economies who rely on fishing.

Let’s face it, travel takes a toll on the environment, too. Our tours burn fossil fuels to drive to the swamps and back. Our boats engines run on gas.

But we are an ecotour company and are constantly looking for ways to leave the least amount of impact on the environment. In fact, we founded the company after going on a few other swamp tours in the area and realized that those companies bait the alligators with marshmallows. Gators love to snack on nutritious eggs and these other companies have trained the gators to appear on the promise of these lookalikes. Having gators equate humans to food is not a good thing for any party. We never bait alligators or other wildlife. Instead, our trained guides and reputable partners rely on their skills and experience to seek out wildlife for all of us to observe at a distance that’s safe for both humans and animals.

We’re 100% Carbon Neutral

Our most recent effort has made our tours 100% Carbon Neutral through a partnership with Cooler. After mapping out our carbon footprint, they are purchasing carbon emission contracts for the same amount on the open markets. These contracts are intended for large-scale industrial polluters, who are over time forced to operate more efficiently to generate less pollution. READ MORE >

Jared Sternberg

Jared Sternberg founded our sister company, Gondwana Ecotours, after finishing law school. After operating tours around the world and growing the company for four years, he decided the time was right to start offering tours in his home of New Orleans, Louisiana. Jared has a depth of knowledge about wildlife, environmental protection and travel photography. He loves to help travelers connect with local people and organizations. Jared’s unique trip-building skills, environmental stewardship and commitment to ethics are what set Gondwana and Beyond the Bayou apart from other tour companies.