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Swamp Tour

New Orleans Swamp Tour

The Best New Orleans Swamp Tour Most people who visit New Orleans don’t make it out to the swamps on a tour, which is a shame. The Big Easy has a lot to offer, but New Orleans is surrounded by beautiful swamps and bayous. A swamp tour—whether by boat or kayak— is a fun and…

Zoos and Nature in and near New Orleans

Zoos can be a fun, educational and convenient way to see a large number of animals up close. While the animals are just on the other side of the glass or in an enclosure, they are often exhibiting non-typical behaviors in captivity. They may have limited range of movement, no longer hunt or scavenge for…

5 Fun Facts About the Louisiana Swamps

The swamp is a magical place filled with unique wildlife, history, culture and mystery. There’s nothing quite like an adventure through a flooded forest, with sunlight flickering down through the canopy above and helping the water to seemingly dance as you glide through on a boat or kayak. Waterways filled with alligators and cypress knees…

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